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+420 777 234 600
+421 948 091 194

Bukovina 105, 023 51 Raková, Slovensko

N 49°26'47.88'' E 18°42'29.94''


If you come from the direction of Turzovka (Makov):

The last village before Rakova is called Staskov. After passing a classic white board Rakova keep going approximately 250 meters and turn left right before the bus stop. You will pass a fence of an old factory (large chimney). In the end of the fence, continue across the rail. In winter, we strongly recommend to use chains for your tires.
After passing rails keep going straight. The road is going to be straight up the hill after the last house. You will keep going until you reach a small settlement. In front of the first house, you will turn right and straight up on a stone road until you reach the top. Finally, you will see the meadow where you will keep driving closer to the forest. There you will see four cabins. The third one is HOME 66 with parking.

If you come from the direction of Cadca

You will be going through the whole Rakova. After the bridge you will keep going approximately 200-300 meters until you reach a bus stop. Immediately, you turn to the right. Then please follow the previous paragraph.


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